China Expo will invite directors, general managers and purchasing directors with direct decision-making power, such as industry leaders, experts and executives.

II. Invited Buyers

 ● What is a special buyer?

       Invited buyers are high-level and professional persons who have clear purchasing intentions or purchasing plans for logistics transportation services, logistics equipment and related technical products, manufacturing, cargo owners and circulation enterprises. After strict screening and examination by the Organizing Committee of China Expo, the invited buyers are confirmed to be qualified.

 ● Enjoy by Invited Buyers

    · Pre-booking and face-to-face interviews with exhibitors
    · Priority to participate in the professional forum on the exhibition site
    · Enjoy buyer's subsidy policy
    · On-site negotiation arrangement customization
    · Participate in high-level dinner
    · Free journals


III. Buyer Group Plan


We are now inviting industry associations/business groups to visit and provide a series of distinguished buyer services to qualified groups. Members of the delegation must be from the logistics industry, such as industrial manufacturing, e-commerce, food industry, retail, tobacco, medicine, express delivery, 3C electronics, household appliances, commercial circulation and so on.
Organizers need to submit details of their members to the Organizing Committee prior to the implementation, which can only be approved by the Organizing Committee.




Buyer Application and Consultation
Contact person: Zhou Yulin
Tel: 010-58678906-137
Mailbox: zhouyulin@jscjt.cn