If you are an enterprise or a professional engaged in the following industries, please complete the “Pre-registration for Visit:”
Industrial manufacturing      Home building materials
Automobile manufacturing     Winery
Shipbuilding                         Large supermarkets
Furniture manufacturing      E-commerce
Home appliance manufacturing     Tobacco enterprises
Electronics manufacturing      Chemical enterprises
Equipment manufacturing      Logistics service providers
Wholesalers                      Business and trade circulation
Distributors                        Relevant associations
Retailers                            Academy, universities, and scientific research institutes
Food manufacturing             Media
Pharmaceutical manufacturing      ……
 I. Rights and interests of pre-registered audiences
 ●  Fast entry, without the trouble of queuing
 ● Obtainment of the prioritized quota of attending professional forums at the site
 ● Obtainment of fine and mysterious gifts from the sponsor
II. Schedule

 Exhibition time: July 3, 2019 (09:00-16:30, Wednesday)
          July 4, 2019 (09:00-16:30, Thursday)
          July 5, 2019 (09:00-14:00, Friday)
Time of move-out: 14:00p.m., July 5, 2019,  
 Visit permit: Free access for industry-related people
 1. Please pre-register online before July 3, 2019. After successful submission, you will receive our SMS and email confirmation. Print your real-name 
     badge by virtue of the “pre-registration number” or “mobile phone number” for your visit.
2. Audiences need to wait in line for registration. After WeChat registration, the real-name badge shall be printed by virtue of the “pre-registration number”
    or “mobile phone number” for visitors.
 3. Groups (more than 5 people) are entitled to the fast registration services. No entry within half an hour before closing.
     Note: Due to the need for queuing for on-site registration, it is suggested that audiences should complete the “online pre-registration” so as to save

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